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Google Chrome is aiming to bring a better feature for the iOS, and it is through a new update that will get better security, a Discover feed on the browser, and other elements that it promised in the upcoming release. One of its rivals here is the built-in Apple web browser, Safari, the native application that brings the features for all. 

Google Chrome for iOS: Security Features and the Discover Feed

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Chrome Update to Include AI-Automation: Less Intrusive Approach?

Google Chrome for iOS is getting new updates soon, and the Big tech company announced it earlier today, giving the world information on better features of the browser app. Google said there are five new updates on the iOS version of the web browsing app, which will help in the experience, especially for security purposes. 

The top feature to come is the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature that aims to protect users from malware or phishing, a quality that Android devices enjoy. It also can detect other forms of threats available on the smartphone and iOS platforms.

Other features include a password fill-up function for the web and apps, reopening a recently closed tab on the browser, translating websites easier using Google Translate built-in on Chrome, and using the browser app for accessibility features. 

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Chrome vs. Safari: Which is Better for the iPhone?

It boils down to the user’s preference, especially as the better web browser would be the one they are accustomed to and knows the many features they have. However, Chrome is shaping up its features as something for iOS users to enjoy if they are already using it on their computers and other devices.

Safari still is the best browser on iOS, but there is a contender that provides many features for users to have. 

Google Chrome and its Application

Google Chrome aims to bring many features for a user that utilizes its application to help their browsing needs and everything they need for a browser application. One of the upcoming features for Chrome is the AI Automation that will help bring the self-functioning feature from the company that will help in their browsing needs. 

The features that Google releases for Chrome usually come first for the Android operating system, as it is something that the internet company owns, unlike the iOS. However, Google aims to deliver its new features and functions to Apple users, especially on the smartphone platform. 

Chrome for macOS also released a better version of the app that already claims to be better than all browsers for the system, even Safari. 

Google is now looking to include iPhone users in the updated version of Chrome, giving them more power and control over their browsing, especially with their data privacy. The new update will line them up alongside Android, especially those that already have Chrome installed on their iOS devices, which they prefer over Safari.

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