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Google has released a new feature called Journeys that will allow users to jump back to the topic they were browsing in their previous session. Google says that when users will type a related word into their search bar and click on “Resume your search” option or visit the Chrome History Journeys large, they will see a list of relevant sites that they visited in the past and can pick up where they left off. Google Chrome’s Journeys feature will also consider the amount of time that a user has spent on a site to put the most relevant information at the most accessible place in the browser. 

In the official blog post, Google says, “Importantly, you’re always in control of your data. You can delete individual items or entire clusters of activity — or turn off Journeys completely. As always, you’ll be able to clear your browsing history right from Chrome settings. Finally, Journeys currently only groups history on your device — nothing is saved to your Google account.” Adding to it, Google says “based on user feedback and interest, we’ll explore adding the ability to access Journeys in Chrome across multiple devices (just like bookmarks or passwords).” Along with Journeys, there are other Google Chrome features as well. 

Google working to improve Chrome Actions

Google is releasing Chrome Actions to help users get more things done from the Chrome address bar. The feature was released a couple of years ago and it allowed users to clear browsing data. Now, Google is improving it. Users will be able to save time by typing the title of action in the address bar.

Additionally, the address bar will also predict when users can benefit from a Chrome Action based on the words that the user types. Google also mentions some actions as an example, including Manage settings, Customize Chrome, View your Chrome history, Manage accessibility settings, Share this tab and Play Chrome Dino game

Google has also released new Chrome widgets for Android using which users will be able to start a text search, voice search, Lens search or open incognito tab right from their home screen. To get the new Chrome widgets, users need to long-press on the Google Chrome icon on their smartphones and select widgets. The list of widgets includes shortcuts to access Google Maps, text-based search and the popular Chromium Dino game. Stay tuned for more updates about Google Chrome and other tech news. 

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