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Password manager improvements in tow, but little else


Hot on the heels of the stable Chrome 100 launch, Google is releasing Chrome 101 to the beta channel. In contrast to the big milestone release, Chrome 101 is looking like it’s going to be a much smaller update, mostly consisting of changes under the hood pointed at developers.

One of the few user-facing changes we spotted in Chrome 101 comes in the form of a new experiment for the browser’s built-in password manager on desktops. When you enable the chrome://flags/#password-notes flag and restart your browser, you’ll have the option to add notes to saved passwords. This lets you jot down additional context or details, like when you changed the password, when you created the account, or answers for security questions.


Further updates have been made behind the scenes. Chrome 101 ships with an option for websites to forget previously connected USB devices. This offers a remedy for long lists of old, no longer relevant devices from clogging up the workflow. There is also a new option for websites to incur the height of a window, as to optimize loading algorithms. Developers can additionally take advantage of new Priority Hints, which allow them to see which of a website’s resources a user’s browser currently prioritizes. That way, they have better control over which parts to load in which order.

You can download Chrome 101 over on Google’s website for your desktop. On Android, it’s available in the Play Store, but if it hasn’t rolled out to you there just yet, you can also get it over on APK Mirror.

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