Google Bolsters Android Enterprise Security Via New Vulnerability Program | #android | #security

With Android 12 now available on Google Pixel phones, Google is working overtime to ensure that its enterprise customers view the Platform as a secure and powerful option for enterprise deployments. To bolster this effort, the company has launched a new Android Enterprise Vulnerability Program. 

This new bounty program is intended to highlight the existing security of the platform while also potentially enticing developers into doing the complex and arduous work of manually identifying potential vulnerabilities. In reward of disclosing full exploits on Pixel devices, Google is offering up to $250,000 in compensation.

Google outlined this offering in an accompanying blog post:

“Android 12 already meets the most rigorous deployment requirements, including the United States Department of Defense’s Security Technical Implementation Guide. And since we believe scrutiny and transparency are key to improving security, we’ve launched a new Android Enterprise category as part of the Android Security Rewards Program. We’re offering a reward of up to $250,000 for a full exploit on a Pixel device running Android Enterprise.”

For more details make sure to check out the vulnerability program’s landing page. 

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