Google and Facebook users should do this quick privacy check now. | #itsecurity | #infosec

So much about you is collected, compiled, and sold to the highest bidder. Shady people finder and data broker sites make it their business to know as much about you as possible. Tap or click here for three sites you should check for your info and steps to remove it.

This data collection happens in the background, and there’s a lot you give away freely. For instance, everything you type into Google, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and all the rest. Tap or click to see everything Google knows about you with one quick search.

I know it’s super convenient, but I bet you made a big mistake with your data.

The data sharing two-way street

Let’s say a website makes you sign in to read an article. You’re presented with the option to create an account so you have access to the article. That takes time, but alas, you see it!

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