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Parenting is not easy, and it requires full-time dedication. Therefore, it can be stressful for first-time parents to get acquainted with the roles. And as they ease into the role of a parent, things tend to get easier. By the time the second child is born, parents get a little accustomed. And Michael Phelps experienced this firsthand, which he specified during an interview.


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The decorated swimmer welcomed his first child, Boomer Robert Phelps, with his wife Nicole Johnson, in May 2016. So when the Rio Olympics commenced, his firstborn was just three months old. However, they still took the infant to watch his father’s last meet.


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Michael Phelps shared his experience of fatherhood for the second time

Phelps retired right after the 2016 Olympic Games at 31 years. When the swimmer retired, he wanted to shift his focus from competitive swimming to his family. And with a new addition to the family, he concentrated on the different aspects life had to offer.

Besides, becoming a father for the first time is not easy. The roles and responsibilities that come with fatherhood are challenging, especially if it is the first time. However, as one gets accustomed to these duties, one learns to handle things efficiently. And it became evident from an interview that Phelps remained composed after the birth of his second son, Beckett Richard Phelps.

During the interview, fans noticed that the disposition of the 28-time Olympic medalist had changed. People observed that the swimmer was more relaxed and calm after the birth of his second son. Moreover, he stated he had a tranquil demeanor following Beckett’s birth.

When one of the interviewers asked the five-time Olympian if he was relaxed after Beckett was born, he replied, “I think we definitely did. Just because we had gone through an experience, a lot with Boomer already.”

“And now obviously with two boys, it makes it a lot more interesting, a lot more exciting, a lot louder. There’s a lot more toys kind of all over the place running all over,” the Flying Fish added.

How is Phelps managing raising his third child?


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The couple welcomed a third child, Maverick Nicolas Phelps, in 2019. However, now the Baltimore Bullet had the experience of raising two kids. Therefore, the American swimmer must have become much more efficient in raising a kid.

NEW DELHI, INDIA – MARCH 26: Former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps during an interview at ITC Maurya Hotel on March 26, 2019 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

However, every child has a personality, and the experience differs each time. Therefore, raising a kid is not an easy task. And it presents a different set of challenges each time. And Phelps can enumerate them better.


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All-in-all, raising a kid is certainly not a breeze, irrespective of the number one has parented before.

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