Gogglebox’s Dave and Shirley issue warning to fans after getting targeted by scam artist | #phishing | #scams

Gogglebox stars Dave and Shirley Griffiths have apologised to fans after their Instagram account got hacked, sending false links to a number of their followers.

The couple, who have been favourites on Gogglebox since their 2015 debut, asking their fans to “disregard” the dodgy links in circulation.

Dave and Shirley shared a photo of a handwritten note, informing fans: “This link says I’ve worked on this for hours this is not us sorry.”

Written in biro ink, the note read: “Please disregard any message that says Dave and Shirley sent you a link. My account has been hacked and this is not from us. Sorry, Dave and Shirl.”

Their Gogglebox co-stars took to the comment section below to send their thoughts to the couple, saddened to hear their account had been hacked by the cruel scam artist.

Gogglebox’s Dave and Shirley saw their account get hacked by a scammer this week

Izzi Warner wrote: “Aww no can’t believe it sorry you two! I’ve had a couple of these from other accounts.”

And her sister Ellie agreed: “Omg can’t believe it!! I’ve had loads of those types of messages not from you guys though take care lovelies xxx.”

A couple of their followers below revealed they had clicked the links sent, believing it to be Dave and Shirley, and claimed their accounts had been wiped.

The couple warned fans against clicking a link in their inboxes

“My accounts been completely clear, I can log in but cannot do anything, so had to open new 1, had its years,” one claimed.

And another wrote: “Yeah I’ve got it , unfortunately tried to open it.”

A third had refused to click the link, sensing it was a hoax and wrote: “I didn’t think it had come from you both so did not open it, hope you sorted it out xxxx.”

Dave and Shirley were first snapped up to appear on Gogglebox back in 2015

Recent years have seen a rise in phishing scams of this nature, in which phishers get access to your account by sending you a suspicious link.

The victims of the scam are tricked into putting their user details into a fake login page, with their information then taken over by the scammers.

Thankfully, it seems Dave and Shirley warned most fans in time before the scammers could do any damage.

Living in the town of Caerphilly, in the South Wales valleys, lovebirds Dave and Shirley have been happily married for 45 years.

Both aged in their 60s, the couple were fans of the show before a casting agent snapped them up for the series.

Their beloved pet dog Bluebell often features on their social media feeds, and they share two children together, who are grown up and live away from home.

When they’re not reviewing the best TV of the week from their sofa, the Channel 4 stars are busy working – Dave has a job in a factory, while Shirley works in retail.

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