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GLENVILLE, W.Va. – The Gilmer County Clerk’s Office got a surprise visit from West Virginia’s Chief Election Officer. Secretary of State Mac Warner dropped by the Gilmer County Courthouse early Friday morning, checking to see how preparations were going for next month’s election.

Warner said he visited as many county clerks as he could throughout the state before elections, hoping to learn about issues each county may be facing. He said Gilmer County, like most counties, is struggling to get poll workers signed up and trained for election day.

“We do run a website that allows people to sign up online to be a poll worker,” said Warner. “Then, we send those to the county clerks. We have a drive; we have an Uncle Sam figure saying we want you, that we’ve pushed out on social media trying to encourage people. So each year there’s always that challenge it seems like the clerks are always able to pull it out at the last minute.”

“It is hard to get younger people to come in and be poll workers because it is such a long day, and they’re not allowed their cell phones or computers,” said Gilmer County Clerk, Jean Butcher. “You know, things that they like to do, they’re not allowed to have in the polling place. They just don’t want to come.” 

Butcher said poll workers can make more than $150 working election day plus training.

For more information about signing up to be a poll worker, visit the Go Vote WV website, where you can also register to vote and see reports about candidates and campaign finances.

On Friday, Mac Warner also visited Glenville State University to speak about security and integrity.

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