Gift card scam making the rounds, BBB warns | #socialmedia

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The postcards offering a free $100 gift card to Walmart or Target seem too good to be true.

They are, according to the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois.

The consumer watchdog group has been receiving reports about people being told they have “an unclaimed reward of $100 in gift savings” and gives a phone number to use to claim the card.

Those who make the call are told there is a one-time activation fee required.

BBB President Jessica Tharp said the cards first were seen last week in the Peoria area.

“We see a lot of scams like this and people fall victim because they want their prize, but do not realize what they’ve compromised in their attempts to receive the prize,” she said. “Please know that anytime you have to pay in order to receive winnings or a prize, it’s a scam.”

The scheme also can use notifications delivered by social media, texts, email or phone calls.

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