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  • Today, at 10 AM PST, Microsoft is again scheduled to release its monthly Patch Tuesday updates.
  • As you already know, Patch Tuesday updates enhance and add new features to the Windows OS.
  • Most likely, the security improvements are the most expected part of the Patch Tuesday update list.
  • Also remember that Windows 11 is almost out, and Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 10 in 2025.

If may want to know that today, at approximately 10 AM PST, Microsoft will release another round of major updates for 2021, as a part of their July Patch Tuesday, just as they did with every other second Tuesday of each month.

If by any chance you aren’t familiar with these updates, know that we’re mainly talking about fixes applied to all of the most major issues that Windows has, and also security bolstering.

During last month’s Patch Tuesday, the tech company released a staggering 50 security fixes, meant to address some serious problems that were being exploited.

What to expect from this month’s Patch Tuesday updates?

If you keep yourself up to date with everything that the Redmond-based tech company does during these Patch Tuesday events, you surely remember last month’s batch.

Pressed by serious security concerns, Microsoft released a huge number of security fixes, meant to sort out some exploits that were going on in the wild.

The zero-day vulnerabilities that Microsoft has tracked as being actively exploited were patched in June 2021, as follows: 

  • CVE-2021-33742: Windows MSHTML Platform Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, CVSS 7.5
  • CVE-2021-33739: Microsoft DWM Core Library Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability, CVSS 8.4
  • CVE-2021-31199: Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability, CVSS 5.2
  • CVE-2021-31201: Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability, CVSS 5.2
  • CVE-2021-31955: Windows Kernel Information Disclosure Vulnerability, CVSS 5.5
  • CVE-2021-31956: Windows NTFS Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability, CVSS 7.8

Keep in mind that this month’s Patch Tuesday is actually happening during everyone’s summer vacation, so the number of CVEs may be much smaller than in previous months.

However, increased ransomware attacks and some still pending issues that affect Windows, will make it so that Microsoft employees will still deliver solutions, even if it is via a much smaller content quantity.

For July 2021, we could actually get:

  • Besides the regular supported operating systems, the Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 and Server 2008/2008 R2 will be released as usual.
  • Also, Internet Explorer updates should show up again this month. The browser appears to be getting more attention by Microsoft lately.
  • SQL server or .NET framework updates haven’t been available for several months, so be on the lookout for them.
  • Adobe already released APSB2151 prenotification for Acrobat and Reader so also be prepared for that release on Patch Tuesday.

We are all eager to find out what Microsoft will be distributing, security updates, and fixes-wise, as a part of the July 2021 Patch Tuesday.

As we all know, there still are some issues that the tech giant has postponed addressing, for whatever reason, and we might just see these solutions pop up this month.

The volume of the software Microsoft will release could also be influenced by the fact that they are now hard at work perfecting Windows 11.

Currently, Windows Insiders are testing the second build available, for the upcoming OS, which is 22000.65.

If you haven’t already heard about Windows 11, you will most likely want to know that it will be replacing Windows 10 from 2025, so you might also want to see what the differences between the two are.

What is it that you are expecting out of this Patch Tuesday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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