Germany: Shipping disruptions due to ongoing port workers’ strike at six German ports June 23 | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

23 Jun 2022 | 06:20 AM UTC

Ongoing port workers strike at six German ports prompting shipping disruptions June 23; related demonstrations likely.





Unionized port workers at six ports in northern Germany are on strike June 23 in a dispute over pay. The affected ports are Bremerhaven, Bremen, Hamburg, Emden, Brake, and Wilhelmshaven; the strike will continue until the early shift of June 24.

The strike is prompting considerable maritime shipping disruptions at all affected ports. Striking workers have engaged in demonstrations in city centers and could maintain pickets outside ports. Localized ground transport disruptions are likely in the vicinity of any gatherings. Maritime transport disruptions and processing delays could extend for several days after the strike ends as port authorities work to clear backlogs.


Anticipate disruption if routing freight through affected ports during the strike action; consider alternative shipping methods for critical cargoes. Avoid all demonstrations as a routine precaution and to mitigate possible disruption.

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