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Warning! This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4.

Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 concluded with its whopping two-part finale, and now a theory is claiming that the visit to Suzie’s house shown in season 4, episode 6 foreshadowed the events of the final two episodes. While this theory originally stated that Suzie’s house foreshadowed the events of season 4, episode 7, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” from Stranger Things volume 1, it is worth exploring further. As it turns out, the theory can actually be attributed to the very last episode of season 4 much more closely than the cliffhanging final episode of the first part of the season.


Broken up over two separately-released volumes, Stranger Things 4 told its story in a typical fashion for the show, having multiple plot points being explored by different groupings of the show’s beloved characters. One of these stories featured Will, Mike, Jonathan, and season 4 newcomer Argyle attempting to find where Dr. Owens took Eleven to return her powers and abilities. In doing so, the group decides to find Suzie, Dustin’s girlfriend, who was introduced in Stranger Things season 3, and exploit her computer hacking abilities to find Eleven.

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Upon traveling to Salt Lake City, the group finds Suzie’s house. Once they enter, they find the home filled to the brim with children causing chaos. It is this chaos caused by Suzie’s siblings that inspires the bulk of a theory posted to Reddit by user Etereal_Sneeze, who states that the children’s activities, and other aspects of Suzie’s home, foreshadow many elements from the season’s final episode, “The Piggyback.”

Suzie’s Siblings Foreshadow The Different Battles With Upside Down Creatures

Stranger Things Demodogs Demogorgon

One of the main things Stranger Things season 4 provides emphasis on is the many characters’ battles with creatures of the Upside Down. While seasons 1-3 featured this to an extent, season 4 certainly provides more intense, ambitious action sequences with each different grouping fighting creatures or aspects of Stranger Things‘ Upside Down. However, the theory concerning Suzie’s house and her siblings states that the various scenarios that Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle encountered foreshadowed not just one, but all of the battles the characters faced in season 4, volume 2.

The first way in which this was done was through the two of Suzie’s siblings first shown together in the house. After Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle enter and begin searching for Suzie, they notice two children having a sword fight standing on a table. This foreshadows the events in the Russian prison in which Hopper kills the Demogorgon. One of the coolest parts of the finale is when Hopper takes down the creature. After Stranger Things 4’s Russian Demogorgon’s armor is burnt off by Murray, Hopper picks up a sword from one of his fallen fellow prisoners from their earlier fight with the creature. Hopper then cuts the arm off the beast, before lopping its head off and defeating the Demogorgon for good. The swordfight showcased by the kids in Suzie’s house foreshadowed how Hopper would kill the creature, with him being the first to officially do so outside of Eleven.

Another one of Suzie’s siblings’ situations foretold the events of Eddie’s tragic death at the hands of the Demobats. At one point, Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle encounter a young aspiring director who is filming his sister Tabitha acting out a death scene, convulsing on the floor and screaming that she has been bitten. This specific scene foreshadowed Eddie’s death. As is shown in the finale of Stranger Things 4, Eddie plays on guitar Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” to distract the Demobats from Vecna. Shortly after, he lures them away from Dustin and the gate to the real world and is tragically killed after being bitten multiple times. Tabatha’s acting in Suzie’s house foreshadowed this, with the cause of death in both cases being the same. Also, Tabatha is holding her neck as if being choked. This further foreshadowed Nancy, Robin, and Steve being choked by Vecna’s vines.

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Finally, the confrontation with Vecna in the attic of the Upside Down’s Creel House was foreshadowed by more of Suzie’s siblings. In one scene, some children are cooking a meal that bursts into flames. This foretells how Nancy, Robin, and Steve defeat Vecna later in episode 9, as well as how Murray, Joyce, and Hopper defeat the Demodogs. In the finale, Vecna, a.k.a. Henry Creel, is defeated after Robin and Steve throw multiple Molotov cocktails at him, setting him on fire and burning away his vines. This tracks with Murray, who kills the Demodogs and weakens the Demogorgon using a flamethrower, following Stranger Things‘ previous setup of the Upside Down’s weakness being fire.

The Lights In Suzie’s House Link To Upside Down Rules

Stranger Things Mind Flayer Upside Down

One of the recurring aspects of Suzie’s house foreshadowed events of the Stranger Things season 4 finale that had been established in the series’ lore from the start. At multiple times in the visit to Suzie’s house, Cornelius, seemingly the youngest of the many siblings, tampers with the fusebox and turns the lights in the house on and off. One of the main aspects of the finale involved Max, Lucas, and Erica using lamps to pinpoint Vecna’s location in the Creel House depending on the lamps turning on and off.

Also, Lucas and Erica used flashlights to communicate at different points in the finale, all of this foreshadowed by the repeated turning on and off of the lights. Also, Stranger Things season 4 established that lights dimly flash whenever characters are communicating through the Upside Down, another thing foretold by the focus on the lights in Suzie’s house.

Eleven’s Mind-Battle And Salt Bath Were Foreshadowed

Stranger Things Conspiracy and Occult Connections

Another major element of the Stranger Things season 4 finale was Eleven’s battle with Vecna that took place in Max’s mind. As Eleven knew Vecna to invade his victims’ minds as shown by his murders of Chrissy, Fred, and Patrick — and Max’s escape from Vecna — she similarly entered Max’s mind in order to battle Vecna and try to save her friend. However, to do this, Eleven needed to engage in her tried and tested ritual to strengthen her powers: bathing in a sensory deprivation tank. These tanks are created using water and huge amounts of salt, as shown a lot in season 1.

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In the season 4 finale, Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle aided Eleven by filling a tank with salt from a pizza store’s kitchen. This was foreshadowed by Suzie’s siblings cooking in the kitchen. Before their meal caught fire, which foretold the battles of the Stranger Things season 4 finale, one of the siblings stated that there is too much salt included in the meal. This is a mirror to the California group’s plight in which they lacked salt and needed to find some to fill Eleven’s bath.

Suzie’s Father Set Up Vecna’s Lair And Eddie’s Distraction

Suzie Father Vecna

Arguably the biggest element of the finale, despite the excellent way the Duffer Brothers made every disparate plot point feel vital and connected, was the battle with Vecna. One thing that the season as a whole established, and the finale confirmed, was that Vecna’s lair is in the attic of the Creel House and that Eddie would need to distract the Demobats in order for Robin, Steve, and Nancy to kill Vecna.

The foreshadowing of this in Suzie’s house lies with her father. It was established that Suzie’s father worked on the upper floor of Suzie’s house and that the kids needed to create a distraction to lure him out so they could use his computer. The comparisons are obvious to see, with the “villain” of both scenarios being hidden away at the top of their respective houses. This, along with the distraction needed to “defeat” both of them, continues to provide evidence that Suzie’s house certainly foreshadowed specific events of the Stranger Things season 4 finale.

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