Genius iPhone hack lets you text much faster – and it works on WhatsApp AND iMessage | #emailsecurity | #phishing | #ransomware

IF YOU’RE looking for a way to speed up your texting, this iPhone hack should do the trick.

Using a little known iOS feature, you can use shortcuts to quickly type out certain words and phrases that you use regularly.


Set up text replacements for maximum typing efficiency on iPhoneCredit: Apple / TikTok / @ericnowoslawski

Better yet, it works on both iMessage and WhatsApp – so you can seriously upgrade your texting game.

Texting can take up a lot of time, especially if you’re sending a very long message on iPhone.

But if you regularly send similar texts, there’s an easy solution.

It’s possible to use Apple’s text-replacement feature to quickly type out long missives.

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So if you often share an address, a phone number, a common phrase or anything else regularly, it’s worth setting up a text-replacement for it.

The hack was recently shared by TikTok creator @ericnowoslawski, earning hundreds of likes.

In the video, Eric uses the feature to quickly share personal info, like a personal email address.

And he puts the letter “x” before a phrase – like “xemail” – to trigger the text replacement.

This is something you wouldn’t ordinarily type, so it’s safe to use it as a text replacement.

And it can save you loads of time.

How to set up iPhone text replacement

First, open Settings and then go into General.

Scroll down to Keyboards and then tap into Text Replacement.

You can then create replacements, typing in a phrase and a shortcut.

The shortcut is what you personally type out, and the phrase is what it transforms into.

So keep the shortcut short, and have the phrase as long as you’d like.

Now when you type that shortcut using the built-in Apple keyboard, it’ll automatically transform into the phrase.

Make sure to pick shortcuts that are slightly obscure that you wouldn’t accidentally type in normal conversation.

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If one becomes annoying or isn’t very useful, you can edit or delete it at any time.

You should also read our guide on how to type faster on iPhone.

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