Free Fire Youtube channel hacked and renamed, all videos removed | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Early today, avid gamers and Esport fans began reporting that the official Youtube channel of Gareena Free Fire was down. What was initially touted to be a server problem gradually came to be realised as a hack which led to the name of the channel being changed.

Most users reported seeing no videos on both the Indian Youtube channels when they viewed them in the morning. The two channels are called Free Fire Esports India official and Free Fire India Official. Both of them currently seem to be down and show no signs or reports of having returned. There is no news on who could be behind the hack as well given that Youtube India has also not released any statement.

Garena Free Fire is similar to PUBG and involves a battle royale mode based on team pairings. It is popular across the world and especially in India where it has kicked off in a major way since its release. The game was banned in June 2021 as it came within the list of 53 Chinese apps published by the Indian government.

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