Fraudsters target Apple Pay in credit card scams | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

As always the weakest link in security is between the ears of the idiots who gladly hand over their credentials to anyone who calls them with an offer too good to be true. And there’s no patch for stupid.

These automated scams are getting really sophisticated though. Here is one that ALMOST got me.

Caller ID displayed the name and phone number of my actual bank (which I googled).

Automated message in perfect English:
“We recently got a purchase request which we blocked the transaction. If you made this purchase, please press 1. If you didn’t make this purchase press 2.”

Then when you hit a number (which I selected #2):
“Thank you, please enter you ATM card number for verification”

It keep repeating the message to enter the card number. This is where I was like wait a minute and hung up. The automated call kept calling back every minute for the next hour.

 I called my bank to make sure there weren’t any transactions attempts and they said no, so I notified them of the scam.

A week later, I get another call from a different bank (which I don’t have) called me and had the same message (I let it go to voice mail).

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