France’s distance learning under stress. Hafnium’s operations prepped by data breaches? Sino-Indian cyber conflict. 5G security. | #firefox | #firefoxsecurity

Online education networks in France are suffering from the strains of an abrupt switch to distance learning this week. In addition to the stresses on a network one might expect, the systems are also believed to have been targeted by hackers. Prosecutors are investigating, the Washington Post reports.

The attacks by Chinese operators on vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Server instances appear, the Wall Street Journal says, to have been long under preparation. In particular, investigators are leaning toward a theory that holds Hafnium’s operation was prepared by mining “troves of personal information acquired beforehand.” That would explain the surprising speed with which the compromise progressed. It also revives concerns about the effects of past Chinese collection of personal data in such breaches as those at the US Office of Personnel Management, Marriott, and Equifax.

The Times of India reports that General Bipin Rawat, Chief of India’s Defence Staff, said yesterday that the country was working to counter the cyber threat from China, and that India was itself developing offensive capabilities in response to that threat. 

According to Breaking Defense, US NSA Executive Director Noble says the public-private consortium developing standards for 5G security intends to emphasize the importance of zero trust.

Atlantic Media, currently a minority shareholder in the Atlantic (and formerly its corporate owner) has detected unauthorized access to servers that hold employee records.

Emissions testing in several US states remains spottily available due to a cyberattack, Boston 25 News reports. Testing stations now hope to be back up Monday.

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