France: Yellow Vest activists to stage protest march in Paris July 9 | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

09 Jul 2022 | 04:24 AM UTC

Yellow Vest activists to stage protest march in Paris, France, July 9; heightened security and localized disruptions likely.





Activists affiliated with the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) movement plan to stage a protest march in Paris July 9. The actions aim to protest certain social and economic issues in France, including COVID-19 vaccine mandates for health personnel, among other matters. Participants have gathered from 11:00 at Place Jussieu, from where they will depart at 14:30 toward Place de la Nation Havet via Rue Linne, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, boulevard Saint Marcel, boulevard de L’Hopital, Pont d’Austerlitz, Boulevard Diderot.

The number of participants each event may draw was not immediately made clear. Nevertheless, authorities will almost certainly deploy police to monitor the demonstrations. Localized transport and business disruptions are likely. Violence cannot be ruled out, especially if protesters are overly disruptive or ignore police orders to disperse.


Avoid the protests. Consider taking alternative routes to circumvent the marches. If violence erupts nearby, immediately depart the area and seek shelter in a secure, nongovernmental building. Heed all instructions from local authorities.

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