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June 1, 2022

Jenny Thomas

Our coverage from POWERUp 22 continues this week as we suddenly find ourselves in June and looking forward to the second half of the year. So far, so good, as the saying goes, in terms of getting back to normal in the world of the IBM i. These days, everyone’s “normal” probably looks a little different, but to us here in the Jungle, seeing the rash of new announcements, in-person tradeshows, and general level of enthusiasm on the rise around our i ecosystem is a happy normal for us. Take a look below to read all about the news of the week.

Top Stories From Outside The Jungle

(Yahoo!Finance) Investor interest in IBM is on the rise.

(IBM Newsroom) IBM is working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Specialisterne Foundation, and six Historically Black College & Universities, to train underrepresented communities on technology.

(Bloomberg) A Federal judge has ordered IBM to pay $1.6 billion in a software dispute that Big Blue plans to appeal.

(CIO Magazine) The top 10 driving factors behind IT spending.

(Wired Magazine) Cybersecurity remains at the top of the list of worries for U.S. companies, but now China is warning that U.S. hackers are the problem.

Redbooks, White Papers, Blogs, and Other Resources

(Manta Technologies) Get 20 percent off any course, series, or combination pack – including the complete IBM i Training Library – in celebration of Manta’s 28th birthday. The sale ends July 31.

(Worksofliam) Liam Berry blogs about how he feels about IBM’s new Merlin product.

( Simon Hutchinson shares his favorite CL shortcuts.

(Raz-Lee Security) A quick blog on how to protect your data from ransomware.

(The Incredible i Show) Host Peg Tuttle records her latest podcast from POWERUp 2022, with guest appearances from speakers and attendees.

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

June 7-8 – Northampton, UK– Join i-UG for its International i-Power 2022 event, for two days of education, information, and communication.

June 9 – West Lebanon, New Hampshire – NHMUG (New Hampshire Midrange User Group) is hosting Db2 for i expert Scott Forstie. This event is free to IBM i professionals, and sponsored by NHMUG with assistance from Midrange Dynamics

June 9-10 – Virtual Event – PlatformCon was born to celebrate the community of 7,000-plus platform engineers. The brightest platform and DevOps practitioners on the (virtual) same stage, for the first time.

June 12-15 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Ascend is a Oracle user community event that unites functional users, IT professionals, and expert resources for discussion and practical education to elevate insights and improve decision making, project planning and business operations.

June 22 – Webinar – Join Maxava Product Manager Ash Giddings and IBM Worldwide Offering Manager IBM Power Systems Virtual Server (PowerVS) Tonny Bastiaans for a webinar and hear them discuss their technical appreciation of Power Virtual Server and how best to navigate the path to the cloud.

June 22 – Webinar – Attend this free webinar from New Generation Software to learn about NGS-IQ and how you can centrally manage and secure IBM i data access.

October 3-5 – St. Louis, Missouri – NAViGATE is COMMON’s annual Fall Conference. This is an event offering unique in-person and virtual networking opportunities that will take place to allow attendees to interact and share knowledge. Details to come.

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