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Peace Itimi is a growth marketer who currently hosts a YouTube show, Founders Connect.

Florence Githinji is the Regional Marketing Manager of YellowCard, a crypto company in Africa that enables its users to buy and sell crypto with various payment options. She has an extensive background working in Marketing and a deep understanding of the systems in place in the East African region. Coming from a background in Journalism, she has established herself as a Marketer and has notably worked for Microsoft as a Social Media Manager.

In this episode of Founders Connect, Florence shares her background with me, her career history and trajectory, insights on marketing and specifically crypto marketing in Africa, and advice for women seeking to work in the tech industry. It’s incredibly amazing to see someone with this much capacity to create impact, and there is so much to learn from her.

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Video timestamps

1:31 – Background, Childhood, Growing Up

3:53 – Moving from Journalism to Marketing

4:49 – Key Milestones from Jobs done

6:17 – Most important lesson learned from Moving Jobs

7:07 – Leaving Ringier

7:37 – Working in Microsoft

9:17 – Main Takeaways from working at Microsoft experience

11:20 – Working at YellowCard

12:24 – The countries it operates in

13:53 – Day to Day as a Regional Marketing Manager

15:07 – Complexities of the East African Market

17:56 – Things that have made it easy for Florence to move across different roles and skillsets, from a Marketing background

20:00 – How she is helping people understand Crypto

22:46 – Advice for women who want to build a career in tech and marketing

by Peace Itimi | Founders Connect @peaceitimi.Peace Itimi is a growth marketer who currently hosts a YouTube show, Founders Connect.

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