Fort Myers man caught in mortgage fraud scheme that cost Alva homeowner $200k | #phishing | #scams

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Fort Myers man was arrested in an alleged mortgage fraud scheme, according to the state’s Office of Financial Regulation.

Obed Guzman was charged for violating Florida’s mortgage loan and loan originator laws, communications fraud, filing false documents against a real property, and mortgage fraud. The victims lost about $200,000, according to FInancial Regulations officials.

Guzman managed Migi Homes, LLC, a purported real estate renovation and resale business, whose activities were funded by outside investors, investigators confirmed. He allegedly obtained a mortgage loan against a property he did not own by claiming to be the owner of the property.

Finance investigators said Guzman filed a false warranty deed in official county records and persuaded an unsuspecting victim lender to fund a $200,000 loan against the property.

The property was a single-family home in Alva that was estimated to be about $300,000 at the time the mortgage loan was made, officials said. Guzman allegedly got the fraudulent warranty deed by having the owner of the Alva home sign it as part of what he thought was a transaction for the sale of a separate property he owned in Cape Coral.

The money from the loan went directly to an account allegedly controlled by Guzman and used for his business and personal expenses, investigators said.

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