Former hacker, community help Vietnamese fight scams on Telegram | #phishing | #scams

A Telegram channel created by Hieupc, a former well-known hacker, fights against phishing and cyber scams.

As reported by VietNamNet, in late 2021, Ngo Minh Hieu, or Hieupc, kicked off a not-for-profit project with the name Chong Lua Dao Social Enterprise Company Ltd.

The product of the project is Chong Lua Dao, a tool provided under the form of an app and add-on on popular browsers such as Chrome, Coc Coc, Brave and Kiwi Browser. The tool warns people about the safety of websites and social network accounts.

The company is also running Bot Messenger which allows users to check the safety or toxicity levels of website by chatting on Facebook’s messenger platform. To date, thousands of websites have been added to the blacklist released by Chong Lua Dao.

Most recently, Chong Lua Dao has launched community channel on the Telegram platform. This is a new development step of this project after a period of community development on Facebook.

This has attracted public attention because few communities were developed by Vietnamese on Telegram with the aim of fighting and preventing phishing and fraudulent acts.

After nearly one day of operation, the channel ‘ – report status’ on Telegram had nearly 1,000 followers. Meanwhile, the chat group ‘ – Community Chat’ attracted 1,600 members.

Hieu told VietNamNet that in addition to heightening awareness about information safety for people and creating a community to exchange information and give warnings about scams, he also wanted to regularly update the status of report/take down of domains of phishing sites and malware.

Every day, Chong Lua Dao chooses several domain names on the list at to treating on popular browsers Chrome, Edge and Opera. The results of treating and preventing bad websites are updated regularly on Chong Lua Dao’s Telegram channel.

“If possible, my team and I will neutralize the domain names with the cooperation of domain name management companies or hosting,” Hieupc said.

Using Telegram is safer, more secure and private. This will be the major channel to share information to fight against phishing. In the time to come, the community on Facebook of the project will only focus on dissemination and raising awareness about information security.

Hieupc was a well known hacker. He was convicted in the US of stealing hundreds of thousands of persons’ personally identifiable information. After his punishment, Hieupc returned to Vietnam to start life afresh and became a cyber security expert. 

Trong Dat

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