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Hello, Western North Carolina. The second snowstorm of the season is blanketing Asheville on Sunday morning, Jan. 16, and we’ll keep you updated on conditions around the area. Forecast amounts vary from weather service to weather service, but it looks like this one is for real. Will it approach the Blizzard of ’93 or some of the other big storms that have dumped sizable amounts of snow here? We’ll see.

Clyde is reporting 5 inches.

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1 p.m.: Stay put, says Cooper; 3.6K without power

Gov. Roy Cooper addressed the state in a noon press conference to reiterate warnings about the dangers winter weather posed to counties across the state, more than 20 of which have declared states of emergency. “Conditions vary across North Carolina and are dangerous in many areas,” Cooper said.

“There already have been a number of wrecks on our roads today,” he said. “For today, the best way to avoid a car accident or getting stranded is to stay put.”

As of 12:45 p.m., was not reporting any interstate closures in Buncombe County. Some state roads in counties are closed, made impassable by snow or ice.

Local governments concur with North Carolina Department of Transportation recommendations to stay home on Jan. 16.

Automobile accidents bring with them the risk of personal injury but they’re also a leading cause of power outages.

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