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The evolution of mobile phones has allowed us to live conveniently, accomplishing tasks with just a few taps. Exchanging confidential information online, sending money through mobile banking and making business transactions are things we can now do through our handheld gadgets.

With the additional functionality comes numerous security threats. Your phone holds all your personal data, passwords, bank accounts and other sensitive information. This is why it is important to invest in a good mobile security solution to protect your data. Here is a list of the best mobile security apps available.


BullGuard may be the all-in-one solution for mobile security concerns. The Antivirus feature is a common feature among security apps but BullGuard does an excellent job in scanning for viruses. This is done through the On-Access scan, which automatically scans installed apps for potential danger, as well as a complete scan of your phone. Adware, trackware, Trojans, SMS bombers and data harvesters, begone! The antitheft feature takes care of your lost gadget by working hand in hand with the mobile security manager, which helps you locate and lock your phone remotely. 

ClevGuard Protects what is important for you. Photo:

KidsGuard comes in different versions for a variety of gadgets and apps. This is specifically made for parental control over kids’ gadgets to protect them from sensitive content and filter their internet activities without them knowing.  

KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro for Android takes care of Android phones with functions specifically tailored for most commonly-used apps like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat and many more. Their phone logs, messages, photos and basically everything on their phone will be accessible to you. It also has a tracking feature that helps you locate your kids anytime.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

This version made for WhatsApp is helpful in keeping track of their in-app activity. It includes a screen time summary so you can gain insights in their app usage. KidsGuard for WhatsApp also gives you access to deleted files. 

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

KidsGuard Pro also has an app for iPhone users. Monitor their Safari history and iOS apps like Notes, Voice Memos, Photos, etc. from a PC-based software. You will no longer be in the dark about your kid’s online activities. 

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud does not require app installation for you to monitor a specific device. GPS locations will be available to you as well as their iCloud drive, calendars and contacts. 

All apps by KidsGuard keep your purchase confidential and offers a 30-day, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Bitfender For Android devices Photo:

Bitdefender provides the best protection against infections and all online threats. Available in two versions — one for Android phones and another for iOS devices, cloud-based malware detection and smart antitheft features are now accessible to anyone. It is fully optimized to conserve battery life while performing its top-notch security functions. 

LastPass Password manager with dark web monitoring. Photo:

Storing passwords is convenient and allows for easy and fast log-ins. With Lastpass, managing your passwords will be more secure. Assign a person to hold your account for emergency access in case of untoward incidents. One-to-many sharing is a feature for sharing passwords and files across devices without breach of security. 

LogMeOnce LogMeOnce has a unique password-less login method. Photo:

Having one password for multiple accounts can be detrimental when one of your accounts is compromised. It is important to change passwords regularly and create different ones for each account. The caveat is that it is easy to forget your unique passwords. LogMeOnce safely remembers all your passwords for you. If you’re worried about having to remember another password to gain access to all your passwords in LogMeOnce, photo log-in and two-factor authentication takes care of this concern. 

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