Food hack: Easy way to make your own butter for 99p – takes less than 10 mins | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

“That juicy stuff there, that is buttermilk – you can keep that, save that for pancakes or a cake at a later date.” 

She then poured the buttermilk out into another container, before removing the lump of butter. 

“You can add salt to it if you want salted butter, I like some crunchy granules of salt in mine, so I use sea salt,” Emily added. 

As for what happens next, she explained: “All you have to do is squeeze out the juice [buttermilk]. 

“You’re going to have to rinse it under the tap. 

“If you’ve got a muslin put it in a muslin cloth, and squeeze under the tap. 

“Rinse it a few times, rinse and squeeze, rinse and squeeze until the water is running clear.” 

Emily then revealed a square of butter on a dish she had made earlier to show the finished result: “That’s your butter!” 

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