Flood-affected south-east Queenslanders disappointed at federal government’s rejection of buy-back scheme | #socialmedia

Francisco Klobucar stands inside the frame of his Goodna property, as electrical wires hang down from the rafters.

The flood-ravaged home has no ceiling, walls, insulation, or hot water but without insurance, Mr Klobucar has little choice but to continue living in the shell of what was once his home.

“I don’t even know how much it’s going to cost to rebuild, [what happens if I] put all that money in and it happens again?” he said.

“Who’s going to rebuild every five years or ten years when you go through a flood? Strip it all, redo it all.

“That’s money, emotion, stress.”

The property backs onto the local sports ground so when the Queensland government unveiled an ambitious proposal for a $741 million buyback scheme, which proposed to give flood-affected Queenslanders the option to retrofit, raise up or voluntarily sell back homes at a high risk from future floods.

While Mr Klobucar initially thought his problems were solved, his hopes were short-lived after the federal government rejected the state government’s request for the Commonwealth to joint fund the flood relief scheme.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said funding of the buyback proposal was the state’s responsibility.(AAP/ABC)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wrote to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk saying the federal government had already committed $912 million to the state’s flood response, and the additional programs proposed by the Queensland government fell into the “responsibilities and discretion” of local and state governments.

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