FLIP denounces that the Colombian Ministry faked a cyber attack during the protests | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Bogotá, Oct 30 (EFE) .- The Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) denounced that the Colombian Ministry of Defense faked a cyberattack during the protests this year as part of a “strategy to attract the attention of citizens” and carried out a “campaign to attack” those who criticized and questioned the public force.

The NGO noted that as part of its campaign, the Ministry of Defense and the Military Forces “used videos and publications on social networks but also cyber-patrol and online surveillance strategies.”

“These actions undertaken by the Ministry of Defense and the military forces, in which more than 21,000 hours have been invested, have not had any counterweight or institutional control, and are enlarged amid lies and opacity,” the information added.

On May 6, he recalled FLIP, social networks and the websites of the Ministry of Defense and other entities “they woke up dressed in black” and the Government attributed what happened to an alleged cyberattack.

When the networks were re-established, “the campaign ‘The truth in a sea of ​​lies #ColombiaEsMiVerdad’ began” and a video was published in which a voiceover said ‘they are trying to block us, but we are still standing’ “.

“The video completely omitted the clarification that there was never a real cyberattack and that this whole show was part of their strategy to attract the attention of the public. This was a campaign against lies that began with a lie.” added the Foundation.

According to FLIP, the “digital show” was created by the company Alotrópico SAS, which was hired for almost 900 million pesos (about $ 240,000) to “improve the perception of the Ministry.”

Defense Minister Diego Molano assured this Saturday on Twitter that his portfolio respects the law and said that it is false that the video that FLIP is talking about and “that alerts misinformation of false news” is self-sabotage.

“Explanations of the campaign against Fake News about the Public Force in May were public and transparent. We defend free expression (…) There is nothing hidden,” defended Molano.

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