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Flashpoint is investing, both organically and through M&A, in continued growth in 2022.

Flashpoint partners will benefit directly from the company’s acquisition of Risk Based Security (RBS), a company specializing in vulnerability and data breach intelligence, as well as vendor risk ratings.

That’s according to Donald Saelinger, Flashpoint’s president. Flashpoint announced the acquisition Wednesday. It isn’t saying how much it’s paying for RBS.

The integration of RBS’ collections and technology into the Flashpoint platform offers a wide range of cybersecurity practitioners with contextual threat intelligence and automation. With this, they can detect, prioritize and thwart emerging cyber risks.

Since its founding in 2011, RBS has partnered with a diverse group of clients. That includes Microsoft, BlackRock, Northrop Grumman, Swisscom, American Electric Power, Amtrak and more.

RBS’ technology identifies vulnerabilities before they’re commonly known. In addition, it maps those vulnerabilities to an enterprise’s software.

Expanded Offerings for Flashpoint Partners

Flashpoint’s Donald Saelinger

“Flashpoint expects to make the RBS solution (upon the completion of product integration), and our combined threat intelligence offering, available for sale through its key channel partners,” Saelinger said. “This will provide a meaningful expansion of the breadth and depth of the offering that Flashpoint will make available through its partners. And it will open up new buying centers that threat intelligence vendors have not successfully serviced in the past. Importantly, this includes providing sales opportunities for high-volume and high-value buyers, including DevSecOps, vulnerability management and vendor risk management.”

In 2020, Flashpoint acquired CRFT. That gave Flashpoint the foundation for its intelligence automation platform.

“With the acquisition of RBS, Flashpoint deepens its differentiated offering by bringing the unquestionably best technical intelligence data to the market,” Saelinger said.

Flashpoint’s Vision

Flashpoint’s vision is to become the single vendor that enterprises rely on to mitigate all types of security risks and protect critical assets, Saelinger said.

“Combining RBS’ capabilities with Flashpoint’s collections, analytics and automation, our customers will now be able to see their exposure to critical vulnerabilities and supply chain weaknesses before they are widely known, provide contextual awareness into how these vulnerabilities are being exploited by threat actors, and prioritize and automate the actions needed to remediate potential threats,” he said.

Flashpoint is investing, both organically and through M&A, in continued growth in 2022, Saelinger said. This includes product expansion, continued data differentiation, and expanding its go-to-market footprint through key channel and partner relationships.

Jake Kouns is RBS’ CEO.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Flashpoint,” he said. “It’s rare to find two organizations so similar in culture with a mutual drive to get things done. Our visions align perfectly. And we are excited to collaborate with them to bring a holistic, risk-based intelligence offering to a broad market.”

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