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Educational Webinar Details AI Professional Development Training from UF Now Available to Startups

AUSTIN, Texas, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flapmax announced today it is working with the University of Florida (UF) to help support training and upskilling opportunities in Africa through its recently launched FAST accelerator program. UF joins Microsoft and a growing team of international partners led by Flapmax that are helping strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. Startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators (including students) based in Africa are invited to attend one of the program’s specialized webinars focusing on agricultural technology (AgTech) and AI, starting March 24, 2022.

FAST, created in partnership with Microsoft, is designed for startups building cloud technology and AI-enabled products and services supporting Africa’s communities, governments, companies, as well as small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). Starting this month, a diverse cohort of FAST accelerator participants selected from over 800 startup applicants across the continent will access training and upskilling opportunities from one of the top universities in the U.S.

“Artificial intelligence is more than just the next wave of high-tech. It is transforming nearly every sector of the economy,” says Dr. Regina Rodriguez, AI Professional Education, University of Florida. “The applications of AI are limitless, and whatever your interest level you can increase your working knowledge of AI through professional development. UF is excited to tailor professional development courses for the African startups participating in FAST. We look forward to the global impact UF can have as the AI University.”

With the emergence of Agtech companies in Africa, Flapmax incorporated UF’s Agricultural and Life Sciences specialization course into the FAST accelerator curriculum. Participants will gain hands-on experience through online interaction with the university’s professors and by using AI tools provided by Flapmax to apply the knowledge they acquire to solve real-world agricultural and life sciences problems.

“We are very excited for the opportunity that this collaboration brings,” says Dr. Dave Ojika, CEO, Flapmax. “As a former resident of the Florida region, and a UF Alumni, it brings me great joy to give back to a community that gave so much. We want to bring AI training accessibility to the future of our workforce. Thus, bringing trained individuals from underrepresented communities to startups serving underserved communities.”

Flapmax will sponsor a limited number of enrolments via its Flapmax Learn platform. At the end of the training program, participants of the AgTech course will receive a certification from the university, qualify for a micro-credential and earn 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which can be applied towards future professional certifications and diplomas.

To learn more about the professional development resources offered by Flapmax and the University of Florida, individuals are encouraged to attend an introductory webinar on March 24 (2 PM WAT). Highlights of the webinar will be shared on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To register for the free AgTech Webinar with UF, visit: https://bit.ly/fastaiweb

Learn more at www.fastaccelerator.com and www.flapmax.com

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