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The final sequence cheats, so cheat back.

The most annoying, difficult, and glitched section of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach is the very end. The True Ending path requires you to earn all three Animatronic Upgrades by shattering Freddy Fazbear’s three animal pals — and once you do, you can access the dark secret of the Mega Pizzaplex. That dark secret leads to a creepy underground “boss battle” — that’s really more of a struggle to survive as more animatronics assault your Security Office. For many players, this section is literally impossible.

We wrote about this section earlier — the only way to avoid dying was to use an exploit where you can hide on the bed. While standing on the bed, one of the animatronic attackers simply can’t reach you. But, to survive the full lockdown, you need to run to the computer and press the switch. For this brief time, you can easily get grabbed and jumpscared. If you’re sick of redoing this section and just want an easier way to earn the true ending of the game, here’s a method that makes the ending so, so much easier.

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How To Survive Against Roxy | True Final Ending Trick

At the very end of Security Breach. on the True Ending path, you’ll enter the bowels of the original Five Nights At Freddy’s pizza place. The creepy visage of Springtrap / Afton appears and attempts to possess Freddy Fazbear. To stop him, you have to counter by pressing a button on the monitor watching his location. You need to press this button about three times to defeat him.

As you wait for the possession attempts, you’ll be under attack by Roxy, Chica and Monty. You can close the door to stop Chica when she appears down one of the hallways, and Monty will appear from the vent. But, if Roxy appears, she simply won’t go away. She’ll break down the door and home in one you. She might be blind, but she somehow knows where you are. The first working strategy for Roxy was to hide on the bed and wait her out. She won’t leave once she appears, so you have to wait on the bed, then rush to the button when Afton attempts to hack Freddy.

There’s an easier way. Instead of dodging Roxy, you can use Freddy to block Roxy’s path and make the rest of the encounter incredibly easy.

  • During the Final Boss sequence on the True Ending path, use the door locks to keep Monty and Chica out. They’ll eventually leave. When Roxy appears, use this alternate solution.
    • Enter Freddy Fazbear and place his body over the door entrance for whichever hallway Roxy appears in. Freddy won’t move during this sequence, so he creates a solid wall of protection. If you stay in Freddy too long, you’ll be pulled out so you’ll have to move fast to position Freddy.

Once Freddy is blocking the door, Roxy won’t be able to get inside. Now you can simply wait. Once Roxy spawns, she doesn’t leave, so you can just wait for the possession attempts and counter them. Do it enough and you’ll finally unlock the true ending.

We know this is the true ending because you’ll actually get a CGI cutscene! Not a hand-drawn comic book. This is the ending you’ll want to defeat the evil at the heart of the Pizzaplex. Goodluck out there, Gregory!

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