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Firefox Focus, the browser with no tabs or bookmarks, mainly created for quick searches you want to keep separate from your main browser, is now getting a major redesign on iOS, reports 9to5Mac. The new version, version 38, is giving Firefox Focus a new minimal and distraction-free design.

Firefox Focus version 38 on iOS gets a simple and distraction-free new look

Mozilla has shared in a blog post the information about the new update the lightweight browser is getting on iOS. It now has a simple and more distraction-free design and not only that, but it also gets the ability to pin up to four shortcuts on the home screen of the app.

With the update, the app will also be getting super quick browsing with ad blocking and tracking protection alongside the new design. This will make it possible for users to get much faster page load speeds. The app blocks a wide range of trackers by default, even social trackers, for example, those coming from Facebook that track you for advertisements on the social media website.

The fresh new look comes with new colors, a new logo, and dark theme support, as well as a shortcut feature so you can get to the websites you visit the most quickly and conveniently. As for the tracking, you get the privacy Tracking Protection Shield icon accessible from the search bar. When you tap on it, you can quickly turn the individual trackers on or off. Additionally, the update adds a global counter that shows you all the trackers that have been blocked by the app.

The Firefox browser for iOS will also be getting some new features soon

The Firefox Focus app has been getting attention thanks to its minimal design and streamlined features. It is a bit more privacy-focused when compared to other browsers out there and is very simple to use. For example, with just a tap you can erase all your browser history. On top of that, you can block the app from being accessed by other people with Face ID or Touch ID, so even if you leave your phone unlocked, no one can access your browser.

However, if you don’t want such a simple interface as the Firefox Focus one, you can also get the main Firefox browser for iOS.

In the blog post, the company has also mentioned its main browser for iOS, Firefox, which will be getting a password manager with three new features later on this year.

First off, when you create an account for any app on your mobile device, you can also create and add a new password that you can save directly in the Firefox browser. This way, you can use it both on mobile and desktop.

The second feature the Firefox password manager will offer is the possibility to autofill your password on your phone and use any password you’ve saved in the browser so you can log into any online account. This can be used for Twitter or Instagram, and the cool thing is that you can again sync all your passwords across desktop and mobile devices.

Additionally, you will be getting the ability to unlock your passwords with your fingerprint or face for extra protection, ensuring you are the only person who can open your accounts. This will of course use the phone’s biometric security for you to access your logins and passwords.

These features have already been added to users on Android, but iOS users will be getting them soon as well. Mozilla does not give a precise date for the rollout though, and although they seem similar to what the iPhone already does with its own Password manager, one good thing is that you can sync everything if you use Mozilla on your desktop

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