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Mozilla rolled out Firefox 88 earlier this month with a host of new features and changes. The update included support for smooth pinch-zooming using a touchpad on Linux machines, print updates, and support for JavaScript embedded in PDF files. Additionally, Firefox dropped FTP support with the update. Now, Mozilla has started rolling out Firefox 89 for Android on the beta channel, and it brings a few interesting changes.

As per a recent report from Android Police, Firefox 89 beta for Android adds a new section to the tab switcher that lets you quickly access Synced tabs across devices. While the Synced tabs feature isn’t new, it was previously hidden behind a menu entry in the overflow menu. This made using the feature a bit cumbersome. Thanks to the new position, users should now be able to access synced tabs on their Android devices quickly.

Changes introduced in Firefox 89 beta for Android (Images: Android Police)

Along with that, Firefox 89 beta brings a minor tweak for the open tab overview that removes the “select tabs” button from the bottom. Now, in order to select tabs, users will have to tap and hold on tabs in the overview. Furthermore, the update brings a couple of UI changes to the new tab page. The favicons for your favorite websites on the new tab page are a lot bigger in the new design, and they now show a small icon for pinned websites.

Report site issue in Firefox 89 beta for Android (Images: Android Police)

It’s also worth noting that Mozilla has partnered with Web Compat to combat rendering issues on select websites. For this purpose, the update brings a new menu entry that lets you report pages that don’t work correctly on the browser due to compatibility issues. Volunteers from the open-source project can then triage the report and reach out to the website in question for a fix. Sadly, the latest Firefox beta update hasn’t received support for any new browser extensions. You’ll still have to rely on the nightly version if you want to use extensions that haven’t been green-lit on the beta version.

For more information on Firefox 89 beta for desktop, you can check out the release notes by following this link. If you wish to try out the changes mentioned above, you can download Firefox 89 beta for Android by following the Play Store link below.

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