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Check Firefox 52 is Out – Here’s What’s New

Firefox users are in luck, as the latest version of Mozilla’s web browser has earned a new construction in the form of Firefox 52. As with all other major versions, Firefox 52 comes with new features and more. Here are the top three features and changes you’ll see with Firefox 52.

WebAssembly support is now available in Firefox 52

In the past, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have teamed up to develop efficient bytecode that can be efficiently executed using JavaScript virtual machines. Saying bytecode is called WebAssembly (Wasm) and is now making its debut in Firefox 52.

So what can you expect from Wasm? For starters, this new bytecode enable complex applications and games to run in a browser with near native performance without the need for plugins.

Games and apps are just the first step for Wasm, of course, as the folks at Mozilla imagine that the Bytecode will soon be used in JavaScript frameworks and productivity applications., which reduces load times and improves performance.

Firefox 52 will start marking websites using HTTP as insecure

In Firefox 51, the browser notifies users about insecure HTTP websites with a simple icon found in the address bar. With Firefox 52, Mozilla gets more aggressive in its “anti-HTTP” stance showing warning messages every time a user clicks the username and password fields on non-HTTPS pages.

Besides that, Firefox 52 will also support a policy called “Strictly secure cookies”. This policy prohibits HTTP websites from configuring cookies that have the “secure” attribute.

Firefox 52 will stop supporting NPAPI plugin

Google has done it, Microsoft has done it, now Mozilla will stop working too support for almost all Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plugins. The only exception to this is Flash, as Mozilla still considers it to be widely used by many. However, the company plans to make Flash work on a “On demand” base later this year.

In addition to the new features and changes, Firefox 52 will also be the latest version of the browser that compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Those looking for a complete changelog for Firefox 52 can find it here.

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