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There are a few Fedora Spins/Labs versions at risk of being removed with Fedora 37 this autumn unless new maintainers step up.

Fedora Spins are the extra ISO spins of the Linux distribution, often catering to alternative desktop environments. Among the Fedora Spins offered are Fedora with the i3 tiling window manager, Fedora LXDE Desktop, Fedora Cinnamon, Fedora LXQt, Fedora MATE-Compiz, and others. Along with Fedora Spins, Fedora Labs are additional spins focused more on particular workloads/use-cases like the Fedora Design Suite, Games, Astronomy, Python, Robotics, Security, and Scientific computing.

The Fedora Spins/Labs are maintained by the Fedora community. But the maintainer of the Fedora Robotics spin no longer can commit to maintaining it and the maintainers of Fedora Games and Fedora Security haven’t responded to pings by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee.

Fedora Games, Security, and Robotics spins need new maintainers or risk being phased out.

Thus as announced last week, the Fedora Robotics / Games / Security spins are at risk of elimination with F37. At least in the case of the Security and Games spins, there is possible interest from some already in taking over those duties. After all, maintaining these spins is largely about customizing the Kickstart configuration for the default packages generated for the install images.

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