FASTag Scam Fact-Check | Scripted Video Goes Viral as FASTag Scam | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

As mentioned above, an individual would not be able to take money from the FASTag as the merchant’s bank is connected to the toll plaza with the help of the plaza code and a unique acquire ID, which is verified by NPCI.

So, even if a person manages to get hold of a toll plaza’s reader, the money will still go to the merchant, which is the toll plaza.

Moreover, if such a thing was possible, people would get ripped off at parking lots and lose money everyday.


We conducted a reverse image search of the people featured in the video and found that the person narrating the process in which the purported siphoning of money takes place is a YouTuber with a verified handle called BB Pranks and regularly posts scripted videos.

Other social media handles linked to his YouTube page identified the user as Anubhav Golia.

While this report was being written, the admin updated the caption of the video and added a disclaimer line calling the video “scripted.”

Several such scripted videos have recently gone viral with people trying to spin false and misleading narratives. The Quint’s WebQoof team has debunked several of these videos and you can read about them here.

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