Fake IHSAA live stream sites are common in Indiana high school sports | #socialmedia

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Matt Weber was just trying to be helpful.

The Memorial High School boys basketball team was set to open its season at Terre Haute South. Instead of making a two-hour trip, many fans hoped to simply watch the game from home.

That’s when the Memorial athletics director decided to search Twitter. He found a link that appeared to be for a stream of the contest and retweeted it on the Tigers’ social media account.

He soon figured out he needed to delete it.

Like many others, Weber had fallen for a fake link. A scam that would’ve led to disappointment and possibly even a loss of money for parents and fans. It was a lesson learned.

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“I would tell people to make sure it comes from your school’s official account,” Weber said. “If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t trust it.” 

Posts like this with fake links are often seen on Facebook. This was posted on the Boonville Athletics Facebook page.

Links to fake broadcast streams for Indiana High School Athletic Association sports have become common. Many of these sites post their scam addresses on school’s social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook.

While this isn’t necessarily a new tactic for scammers, it ramped up during the coronavirus pandemic. Teams had to limit attendance for safety measures, so that’s when many schools experimented with streaming games over the Internet. 

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