Facebook whistleblower doesn’t believe tech students should avoid working for the social media company | #socialmedia

Not far from where Frances Haugen is sitting on Stanford’s White Memorial Plaza, a black sign taped to a lamppost asks passing students: “If you could change Google and Facebook by not working for them, would you?”

Haugen, the former Facebook, now called Meta, employee and whistleblower who disclosed thousands of pages of internal company documents, doesn’t think students at Stanford or elsewhere should go quite that far.

“I never say, don’t work at these companies,” Haugen said Thursday.

She said she didn’t believe tech workers, including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were acting maliciously, but that the company needed to be held accountable for many decisions, “Where they were unwilling to weigh off 10% more misinfo for 0.1 percent less profit.”

Haugen speaks fluently in what feel like paragraphs of thought, her blue eyes both intense and friendly as she reels off data about Facebook users, markets and metrics. She gamely answers questions directly, but often bends her responses back to how she feels companies like Meta should be subjected to increased oversight.

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