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Wolfgang Ischinger, who served as chairman of the Munich Security Conference, former state secretary and ambassador to the UK and US, showed his distrust for the British Government as he disagreed the UK Government is ready to fight for the people of Ukraine. The clash over Ukraine began after the 75-year-old weighed in on concerns of Britain that the US, France and Germany may push Ukraine to “settle” with Putin.

Mr Ischinger blasted the concerns as “nonsense”, further labelling them as “macho gestures”.

In a tweet, the former German diplomat said: “UK eager to fight to the last Ukrainian? Let’s stop such nonsense.

“Ukraine deserves full support. macho gestures from folks sitting on a faraway island will not qualify.”

However, foreign analyst and Thatcher aid Nile Gardiner, stepped into the argument blasting the ex-German ambassador as “anti-British”.

Mr Gardiner tweeted: “What a stupid anti-British Tweet. What exactly have the Germans done to stand up to Putin @ischinger?

“Germany’s track record of appeasing Russia and funding Russia’s war machine through energy dependency on Moscow is an absolute disgrace. Hold your heads in shame.”

The two then began a verbal spat over the sensitive topic.

The British Government has been on the forefront in supporting Ukraine since the day Russia invaded the country.

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The war in Ukraine has acted as a wake-up call to Germany’s political establishment, where the consensus had long been that cheap gas from Moscow was not only good for business but gave Russia an incentive to remain in the international fold.

Mr Ischinger continued: “Can you be provoked into getting even more pathetic?

“Our shared mission ought to be to quietly support Ukraine as best we can instead of desperately and loudly trying to be important.”

However, putting the final nail in the coffin, Mr Gardiner quipped: “What is pathetic is successive German governments kowtowing to Putin, cutting deals with the Russian dictatorship, buying the Kremlin’s energy supplies, and actively funding the Russian war machine killing thousands of Ukrainian civilians. A track record of shame.”

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