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Capcom was recently the victim of a major ransomware cyberattack that saw the personal information of its employees stolen, along with its video game plans. Capcom has rightfully refused to give in to ransom demands, though the attackers have responded by leaking many of the company’s upcoming video game projects.

Initially, the hackers leaked Capcom’s plans for 2021, which includes things like a Resident Evil 8 demo, Ace Attorney localizations, and some other things. But now a leaked document has revealed Capcom’s plans for the next four years, which include a wide-range of games from its various franchises.

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Here is everything else that has been leaked by the big Capcom hack.


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Capcom has not been shy about its love of pumping out remakes and remasters of its games. The company has outright said in the past that video game remakes will be a key component of its sales strategy, and it has held true to that claim. There have been a number of Capcom remakes released in recent years, and if the information from the big Capcom leak is accurate, then there will likely be even more remakes in store for fans.

Apparently, the first big Capcom remake fans can look forward to is the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake. The Resident Evil 4 remake was leaked months ago by reliable industry insiders, and it’s aiming for a Q4 2022 release. What exactly the Resident Evil 4 remake will entail remains to be seen, but fans will likely find out more some time after Capcom launches Resident Evil 8, itself due for release within the first half of 2021.

While Resident Evil 4 may be the most high-profile Capcom remake in the pipeline, the company is said to have a couple more in store. In Q2 of 2024, Capcom plans on releasing a Final Fight remake, which would mark the first entry in its beat ’em up franchise since 2006’s Final Fight: Streetwise, which was panned by critics at the time of its release. It’s unclear if this Final Fight remake will be a new version of the original beat ’em up with improved visuals, or if it will be a full-blown remake in the vein of the Resident Evil remakes.

And finally, the last remake in Capcom’s development pipeline is a Power Stone remake, due for release Q3 of 2024. Power Stone is a unique arena fighting game that has developed a cult following among Capcom fans. The company previously remade Power Stone and its sequel for Sony’s PSP handheld, so it’s definitely not out of the question for it to do so again for modern gaming platforms.

Resident Evil

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Since Resident Evil is Capcom’s flagship video game franchise, it’s not exactly surprising to discover that the company has more than the Resident Evil 4 remake in development. According to the leak, a project known as Resident Evil Outrage is set to launch Q4 of 2021, meaning fans of the survival-horror franchise could very well have two new releases coming next year. What exactly Resident Evil Outrage is remains to be seen, and it’s almost certainly going by a working title, but a previous leak may shed more light on the matter.

The initial Capcom leak revealed that the company has a Resident Evil 8-based multiplayer game in development, and that it’s some kind of battle royale experience. Maybe Resident Evil Outrage and the multiplayer project are the same thing, though that’s just speculation at this time.

Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 4 remake is supposedly coming Q4 of 2022, with something called Biohazard Apocalypse aiming for launch Q3 of 2023. Again, that is most likely a working title for a new Resident Evil game, though further details are unavailable at the time of this writing.

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And finally, Resident Evil Hank (yet again, a working title) will be looking to launch Q4 of 2024. Assuming Capcom is able to stick to this schedule and there aren’t any major delays or anything like that, Resident Evil fans can look forward to at least one new game release in the series every year for the next four years. It definitely seems as though Capcom is turning Resident Evil into an annual franchise again, though hopefully the games play differently enough that franchise fatigue doesn’t start to set in.


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Some of the more interesting games named in the big Capcom leak are sequels to existing franchises, including some sequels that fans have been a long time to play. This includes Dragon’s Dogma 2, set to launch Q2 of 2022. Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been hinted at in the past, and so it’s always seemed like just a matter of time before the game would materialize. With the power of the new consoles at its disposal, Capcom could really do something impressive with Dragon’s Dogma 2, so here’s hoping fans don’t have to wait too much longer to see it in action.

There’s also Mega Man Match, set to launch Q3 of 2022. Like most of the other games on the list, there aren’t many details about what Mega Man Match actually is. Its name is probably just a working title, but it could also be an indication of what fans can expect from the project, gameplay-wise. For instance, Mega Man Match may be a versus multiplayer game of some description, or alternatively, it could be a match-3 puzzle game for mobile devices. It could also be a traditional Mega Man game that just has a misleading working title. Again, until Capcom decides to share more information, all fans can do is speculate.

One of the more surprising sequels listed in the leak is called Onimusha New Work. Capcom’s Onimusha franchise has been mostly dormant for years, with the Onimusha remaster reportedly not selling all that well. Considering the poor sales of the Onimusha remaster, it’s a bit strange that Capcom is supposedly moving forward with development on a new game in the series, and not only that, but development must have been going on for some time. After all, the new Onimusha game is said to be coming Q4 of 2022, meaning development is likely well underway.

Capcom’s decision to call it “Onimusha New Work” instead of assigning a number to it could be a sign that this game will be a reboot of the franchise. Hopefully the company offers some clarification sooner rather than later so fans don’t have to speculate for too long.

And finally, the most high-profile sequel mentioned in the Cacpcom leak is Monster Hunter 6Monster Hunter World stands as one of Capcom’s most successful video games ever, and so it makes sense that the company is being more aggressive with Monster Hunter releases. Monster Hunter Rise is the next game in the series, due for release March 2021, but for now it’s only confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. Presumably, Monster Hunter 6 will be releasing on more traditional consoles, and it will be great to see the franchise’s iconic creatures rendered with the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Street Fighter

Capcom’s main franchises nowadays may be Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, but the company’s Street Fighter series is still quite popular. Street Fighter 5 didn’t exactly reach the same heights as its predecessors in terms of critical reception, but Capcom will be looking to come back with a vengeance with the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 has not been officially announced, but the leak says that Capcom fans can look forward to playing the game Q3 of 2022. And like previous Street Fighter games, Capcom will be iterating on Street Fighter 6, releasing new versions of it that will likely include some gameplay tweaks, new features, and roster additions. Super Street Fighter 6 is said to be coming Q4 of 2023, whereas Ultra Street Fighter 6 will be coming Q4 of 2024.

What’s interesting about this is that, while fans may always assume Capcom has a new version of Street Fighter in the works, they don’t usually know for sure this far in advance. Since Capcom fans now know that Street Fighter 6 has three versions on the way, maybe some of them will skip the initial launch and just wait for the final version in 2024. This would be unfortunate, though otherwise it’s hard to see how the other titles mentioned in the leak could negatively impact Capcom’s sales.

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