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Scammers are opportunistic & clever. They’re always looking to fool us by playing on our fears…and desires.

Folks in south Louisiana love events, festivals, concerts and more. The Better Business Bureau warns scammers are out to separate you from your money with fake event & ticket scams.

They’ll post an event, and a fantastic deal on tickets. You click the link & you’re directed to a site with great pictures, and the opportunity to buy discount tickets. You enter your credit info & think you’re good to go. NOPE! You’ve been scammed.

Here are a couple tips from BBB.

Go to the official website of the event. Look for working contact information. Check pricing against the social media post. Don’t buy tickets on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other social media.

Make sure you’re on a secure website. It should start with HTTPS. If there’s no “S” it’s not secure.

For more tips, click here: https://www.bbb.org/article/news-releases/13986-bbb-tip-buying-tickets

Source: Better Business Bureau

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