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30 May 2022

Akka Technologies, a subsidiary of The Adecco Group, was hit by a cyber attack which reportedly affected a ‘large part’ of the company.

The company told the AFP that the group’s IT facilities were attacked with ransomware software whereby hackers encrypted data from Akka Technologies and then demanded a ransom for the release.

“We were attacked overnight from Monday, 23 May 23 to Tuesday, 24 May,” Stephanie Bia, director of communications and investor relations for the group, told AFP.

Among its services, AKKA provides cybersecurity awareness training.

Akka did not disclose any further details about the attack so as not to impair the investigation. Bia added that communications with customers and its parent company have been put on hold temporarily for security reasons to prevent any transmission of malicious code.

Stephanie Bia claimed “We were well prepared” for a possible attack with “very clear procedures”. Staffing Industry Analysts reached out to The Adecco Group for further comment but the company had not yet responded.

Headquartered in Brussels, AKKA is a global engineering and technology consulting group. Adecco Group first announced it was acquiring Akka in July 2021.

The group then announced it was combining Akka with Modis, the group’s high-tech services business.

Akka Technologies, recorded revenue of €412.0 million in Q4 2021, up 10.0% compared to Q4 2020, or 7.7% on an organic basis.

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