Ethical Hacker Satyam Rastogi’s Life Surrounded by Computers, Devices, Hacking Tools | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Satyam Rastogi is just 24 years of age with an edge over ethical hacking. In his young age, he got the chance to work in different companies both in India and abroad giving high quality security solutions by getting deep into the vulnerabilities of the systems and offering the best security solutions.

The field of ethical hacking was first heard in 2003 when companies felt the need of roping in experts who can have the understanding of how hackers and cybercrooks think and treat the network before hacking playing around the vulnerabilities. Since then it was no looking back for the companies. They now invest a good amount of their budget in hiring people with competitive ethical hacking skills. One such name is of the young man called Satyam Rastogi who hails from Rudrapur, Uttrakhand. He is currently based in Dehradun from where is connected to his clients not just in India but abroad as well.


His expertise in ethical hacking can be gauged by the fact that he has gained a wide range of accreditations and global certifications like CEH, ECSA, CISA, and OSCP to name a few. He is also linked with several communities including cloud security alliance, owasp foundation, and a lot more, which speaks a lot about his understanding and grip on the subject. He is currently engaged in a US based multinational company called Bamko Inc wherein he holds key positions in the department of security and ethical hacking. He has worked with a number of companies working as bug bounty hunters all across the world.


With so much exposure in this field, he got the chance to travel a lot working with overseas clients and Indian companies as well. He rendered his services and expertise allowing them to get the best solution. His life is surrounded with computers, ethical hacking tools, software and equipment, which remain a part and parcel of his life. He is simply unstoppable when it comes to working and giving the best of the ethical hacking solutions. He has to go a long way and this is just his start as he is going to set trend in this domain.

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