Energy scam warning: Beware of Eon phishing email, warns Which? as power bills soar | UK | News | #phishing | #scams

Customers have been receiving emails saying they are entitled to an £85 refund, but are in fact at risk of having their money and details stolen. These email or phishing scams are used to steal personal data and can sometimes have malware attached which infects your device with a virus.

Which? played along with the scam in order to show potential victims how to avoid being caught out.

An email claiming to be from Eon is sent to your inbox, with either the sender name E.ON GAS REFUND or E.ON PAYMENT REFUND.

However the email address is actually random and has nothing to do with the energy company.

It claims that the recipient is entitled to an £85 refund after being overcharged, but this is in fact a scam.

A link attached to the email fakes the Eon website’s login page and uses this trick to take personal details from their victim.

A common fraud tactic is to use the real company website to look more convincing, however be aware that this is just part of the scam.

They can also use phone calls and text messages to deceive people into giving away their bank details.

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Which? used fake details while carrying out their investigation, so the fraudsters were left empty-handed.

It is advised that any suspicious phishing emails are forwarded to, with Eon saying its customers can forward Eon-specific ones to

Scam texts can be reported to the phone operator by sending them to 7726, and a fake website can be reported to the National Cyber Security Centre.

If you fear you have been scammed, contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

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