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Energy will cost Britons hundreds more from April 1 when the new price cap comes into effect. The increased threshold could see a typical UK household pay as much as £693 more each year – luckily, there are several money-saving hacks which could help to soften the blow. Personal finance experts at Ocean Finance have revealed 10 easy ways to save up to £375 on your bill in just one year, but what are they?

Ofgem’s energy price cap hike will see the maximum amount suppliers can charge increase by 54 percent.

The significant rise means the current cap of £1,277 will rise to £1,971 for a typical UK household.

Small home improvements costing as little as £3 could save you hundreds of pounds on your annual bill, but where should you begin?

Finance experts at Ocean Finance have rounded up their top hacks to reduce costs by £375 – and you should start by making your home smarter.

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Take a “navy shower”

This regimented hack requires you to limit yourself to just three minutes of hot water per shower.

The team at Ocean Finance said: “You can get down to three minutes by doing all your soap and shampoo lathering with the shower switched off, then put it back on again to rinse.

“Reducing your shower time from 10 minutes to three can save you up to £80 a year, so it’s certainly worth a try.

Draught-proof your home with everyday items

Cracks and creaks can appear naturally over time, leaving your home exposed to draughts.Concealing gaps around your doors, windows, floors and even your chimney could save you more than £50 per year.

The most effective ways to draught-proof your home include:

  • Using a cover for your keyholes
  • Filling in skirting board cracks
  • Placing a sponge through your letterbox
  • Placing a hoodie or an old blanket at the bottom of an internal door that lets out heat

Use these laundry hacks to save £53 per year

Washing machines use a significant amount of water and energy in each cycle.

To save money, consider washing your clothes on a lower heat and make use of washing lines to air dry your laundry.

Making these simple changes can save you a third on your energy bills, slashing £53 per year off the average £160 we spend on laundry.

Stop leaving your appliances on standbY

When we turn off electrical devices, many stay in standby, using a small amount of energy the entire time.

Shutting your devices down completely will save you up to £80 a year on your energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Be sure to unplug anything you’re not using too – if it’s not plugged in, it can’t contribute to your energy bills.

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