Enemy disguised as SSU sends computer viruses via popular messengers | #itsecurity | #infosec

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) warns that the enemy is sending computer viruses through popular messengers on behalf of the Ukrainian service.

According to Ukrinform, the SSU announced this in a Telegram post.

“The enemy does not seizes attempts to organize cyber attacks in Ukraine. And although they are usually unsuccessful, each of us must pay attention to information security.

Yes, this time the occupiers are sending computer viruses allegedly on behalf of the SSU. They use popular messengers for correspondence,” the intelligence service said.

The messages ask to download a file with supposed instructions how to act during martial law, although it is actually a virus program.

“The main targets of the enemy are, first of all, civil servants, through whose phones, as occupiers believe, it is possible to collect confidential information. Therefore, we urge Ukrainians to pay attention to any such messages. After all, the SSU does not carry out any such mailings!” the SSU emphasizes.

The Security Service recommends that Ukrainians not open or download files from unknown people; delete such correspondence immediately; follow the rules of safe behavior on the Internet; trust only official sources of information.

As Ukrinform reported, the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection Service has warned about a new hacker attack related to mobilization.

The CERT-UA (Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine) operating under the ,  State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection Service warns of the widespread distribution of dangerous XLS documents called “Mobilization Register.xls” among Ukrainian citizens. Opening the document will eventually start the malicious program IcedID, also known as BankBot, on your computer. It belongs to the class of “banking Trojans” and, among other things, provides theft of authentication data.

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