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Pandemic regulations may have lifted, but the labor shortage has continued, with low unemployment but high demand for workers.

The Oak Ridger reached out to the Roane Alliance, Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, Y-12 National Security Complex and Oak Ridge National Laboratory and received comments on these issues, along with desired skills and training programs available in the Oak Ridge area.

Allen Lutz

How’s the job market overall?

Justin Snow, vice president of economic development, and Allen Lutz, director of education and workforce, both of the Roane Alliance, emailed The Oak Ridger on a broad overview of the job market in Roane County at present. The Roane Alliance is an organization which promotes economic development in the county.

Justin Snow

“There was already a shortage of employees in medical, manufacturing, and technical trades before the (COVID-19) pandemic. The departure of baby boomers from the workforce started and was picking up. The skill shortages were challenging to fill, but mainly hindering many companies from expanding. The goal was not to fall behind. Raising pay was a means to attract workers, but other companies were looking to do, too, so small raises could result in more employees switching employers. For many employees, the travel time to work and a company’s work environment mattered more than a small raise by changing employers.

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