Eero 6 and Pro 6 Routers Gain HomeKit Support | #macos | #macsecurity

Eero today released an iOS app update that includes new firmware for its Eero 6 and Pro 6 routers, introducing HomeKit support.


HomeKit support for the Eero 6 allows the routers to be managed through the Home app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In the Home app, there are options to define how routers are able to communicate within the home and via the internet.


With HomeKit integration, Eero 6 owners can opt to firewall off HomeKit accessories to prevent them from communicating with other WiFi devices on a home network and untrusted internet services, preventing hacking attempts and offering better security for connected home devices.

Prior Eero routers have included HomeKit integration, so today’s update simply adds the functionality to the Eero 6 and Pro 6, which are Eero’s WiFi 6 router options.

The Eero 6 and Pro 6 can be purchased from the Eero website starting at $129.

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