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October 11, 2021

Timothy Prickett Morgan

Copenhagen, which is known as “the happiest city in the world,” has its coronavirus situation under control and will be hosting the Common Europe Congress user group meeting from October 31 through November 3. Unlike the COMMON POWERUp 2021 event, which was supposed to be hosted in person in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as well as online, but has now been switched to a totally virtual event.

Denmark has had its borders open since September 9, and vaccination rates are high and cases are very low. The reason, in part, has to do with high trust in the Danish government and correspondingly high vaccination rates, according to statistics outlined in a recent report in The Washington Post. The country also had a massive testing regiment, hitting a rate of 4 million tests per week (this in a country of 5.8 million people, that is 75 percent of the population), which allowed for the country to know where outbreaks are and deal with them quickly. This is perhaps the most important factor.

In any event, as long as people are vaccinated, they can travel to Copenhagen to attend Common Europe Congress, where they update their Power Systems skills for IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems. You can see the full agenda for the event at this link, which includes more than 30 speakers, including:

  • A keynote from Alison Butterill, Program Director, WW Product Management for IBM i and Steve Will, Chief Architect IBM i, from IBM, called IBM i Anywhere, IBM i Everywhere
  • AIX Trends and Directions from Petra Bührer, Global Sales Leader AIX and IBM i, for IBM Germany
  • Exploiting RPG in SQL and vice versa: External UDFs and Tips for Dynamic SQL, Birgitta Hauser, Database and Software Architect
  • Connect RPG and Db2 to the World, Jesse Gorzinski, Business Architect Open Source for IBM i at IBM
  • Step by step “Single Sign On” on IBM i, Bartlomiej Grabowski, Principal System Specialist, DHL IT Services; Czech Republic
  • Top Security Configuration Mistakes on IBM i, Janus Hertz, Consulting IT Specialist, IBM, Denmark
  • A day in the life of an IBM i System Administrator, Christian Jørgensen, IT System Administrator, Network of Music Partners A/S, Denmark
  • Me and ILE, please go **free! Mats Lidström, IT Solution Architect and Designer, Nice Solutions AB, Sweden
  • IBM i does everything, Niels Liisberg, Chief Architect, System & Method A/S, Denmark
  • Live Demo of the New IBM Navigator for i, Tim Rowe, Business Architect Application Development, IBM, USA
  • DB2 for i services for system Administrators, Rudi van Helvoirt, Technical Director, van Helvoirt Automatisering, Netherlands

Common Europe Congress has eight in-depth workshops and deep dives and more than 60 sessions that span all manner of topics to help members of IBM i teams to upgrade their skills or attend panels and roundtables to ask questions of experts with Power Systems platforms and get answers on the spot. There is also an opportunity to socialize – something many of us may have forgotten how to do thanks to COVID-19 – and also enjoy a live band concert during dinner.

Early bird registration for Common Europe Congress ends on October 14, and you can register at this link.


Get Virtually Packed For Common Europe Power Summer Camp

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