DVLA warn drivers of hoax messages from scammers over unpaid car tax | #phishing | #scams

This comes as people on social media have complained about the fake messages, which claim that the user has cancelled or not paid the tax on their vehicle. These messages have been seen to come through texts or via email but can also come through phone calls or on misleading websites.

They also ensure drivers that they can forward any suspicious emails to the National Cyber Security Centre, as well as forwarding text messages.

The untargeted messages can be sent to anyone at any time, with Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh even receiving a message.

In a tweet, she asked for help after receiving an email which supposedly informed her that her vehicle tax payment had failed.

She attached three photos, two of which were of the fake email, and another of the website which was linked in the email.

“Always check the domain or the sender email address.

“Always should end with dot gov. If not, fake.”

Another user highlighted the urgency of the email, saying: “It’s trying to bounce you into immediate action, a sure sign that it’s dodgy.”

These scams often come with threats of fines, sometimes up to £1,000, if they are not paid on time.

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