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The General Intelligence and Security Service have allegedly been using hacking software from the Israeli supplier NSO Group, Dutch broadcaster Volkstkrant reported Thursday after interviewing anonymous sources.

According to the sources who wished to remain anonymous, the intelligence service used the Israeli Pegasus software to hack into the phone of Ridouan Taghi, who, in 2019, was arrested in Dubai on suspicions he ordered nine assassinations, NL Times reported.

It is not clear what evidence the sources provided to verify their claims, or their relationship to the intelligence services.

The Israeli hacking software has been bought by intelligence services to track down terrorists and governments who have used it to spy on opposition members, resulting in several high-profile scandals across the bloc.

The Spanish government recently announced intelligence service reforms after one of its agencies acknowledged using Pegasus spyware to infiltrate mobile phones belonging to pro-Catalan independence politicians and activists.

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According to the NSO Group’s website, their “products help licensed government intelligence and law-enforcement agencies lawfully address the most dangerous issues in today’s world.”

The US placed the NSO Group on their sanctions list in November 2021 after declaring that its phone-hacking tools were being used to “maliciously target” government officials, activists, embassy officials, academics, and journalists around the world.

The Dutch intelligence service and the NOS Group have refused to comment on these accusations, Volkskrant reported.

In late April, the European Parliament set up a new committee of inquiry (PEGA) tasked with shedding light on the use of spyware throughout the bloc.

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