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Enables proper instant messaging app WhatsApp Plus version.

Instant messaging application WhatsApp It is one of the most used sites in the world, yesterday it was one of the worst drops affecting more than 2 billion users in both their daily communication activities both work and study, but they have been using the new version of the L ‘app for thousands of years. It was relevant WhatsApp PlusUnauthorized update Facebook social website (Platform owner), but can completely customize the look of the app: colors, themes and background.

It has become popular among experts because it has different functions than the original version: for example, It offers exclusive “emojis”, the “online” myth can be hidden and the user decides who can connect and who can not. When a person writes a message you can see which countries were deleted anonymously, as well as including the writing section., In other activities.

However, while there are still many tools to join WhatsApp, some have decided to download and use WhatsApp Plus APK as in version 17.50. We will leave all the details for you to download the application on your device (computer or mobile phone).

How can I download it? (Computer)

You can apply for the new WhatsApp Plus Download at this link Get new jobs. Then follow these steps:

1. Delete the original WhatsApp.

2. Go to Google Chrome and download WhatsApp Plus APK (executable file) from your favorite page.

3. Check the URL to avoid downloading malware or software that could harm your computer.

4. Install WhatsApp Plus to allow Google Chrome.

5. Finally, WhatsApp Plus can be installed. You must select a mobile number and choose where to export chats from.

If a warning appears that WhatsApp Plus cannot be installed, you should remove everything related to WhatsApp. To do this, go to Settings and Applications and type WhatsApp in the search bar.

User accesses the latest WhatsApp update.
User accesses the latest WhatsApp update.

The latest version of the app also brings up messages like:

– New privacy and security system

– Ability to configure WhatsApp Plus in “Do Not Disturb” mode

Hide the status of contacts and conversations.

– “Last accessed” status can be blocked or paused

– Enable automatic removal notifications.

You can activate call alerts in a specific chat if you like.

– You will no longer be bothered by annoying ads in people’s “stories”, or they will not ask you to download other weird processors.

It has the ability to schedule messages and even indicate whether a blue mark is displayed if there is no response.

– You can recover deleted photos from chat.

– You have the option to change the color of each section and download new themes.

Steps to cover your photo

1. Log in to the app and go to Settings.

2. Then go to Privacy and you will read the section called Profile Picture.

3. In this option select “Your contacts only” or “People”.

From the moment you select the previous alternative, whenever someone is looking for your number to talk to you (you have also saved it in Contacts) and you are not ‘online’, your photo will not appear. This means you can only see your photo if you use the app.

Is it safe to use this new version?

As mentioned above, there is no original version of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg. Likewise, this is a completely safe update for any user.

Finally, if you have a problem with WhatsApp Plus, you can contact the following addresses to resolve the issue:[email protected] My. S. [email protected]


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